Welcome, Revd Paul

Revd Paul Singh


Revd Paul Singh J. R was ordained in the South Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI) on 25th June, 2000. He started his ministry as a missionary in Odisha (North India 1993-1995). His spiritual and administrative qualities led him to be appointed as a Dean in his diocese in 2006. The fact that he was appointed as the Deputy Director at the Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore is a mark of his special skills in maintaining and nurturing spiritual and ecumenical relationships within the church and society at large. He was brought up in the ministerial and ecumenical tradition of the Church of South India (CSI) from where he inherited his passion for the scriptures and Christian nurturing. The Anglican Tradition of CSI, which was the wider context of his upbringing, was a great influence on him as he grew up and it shaped his sacramental outlook to life and spirituality.

Now he is at the final stage of his research regarding “Sustainability and the Scared” at the University of Edinburgh. Along with his research he was officiating at the Edinburgh Diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church and associating with Eco Congregations Scotland. He is interested in framing biocentric hermeneutics in order to address the issues of the environmental crisis.

His wider ministry was shaped by the belief that the church is commissioned by God to facilitate His mission to all people. Being a disciple of the Living God, he experiences the Church as a living community. He believes that spiritual practices, such as daily offices, observance of feast and fast days, rituals and liturgical vestments are given to church to celebrate our life as living communities. He upholds his pragmatic concern that the greatest need of our time is for koinonia, to love one another, and to offer our lives for the sake of the world. His ecclesial understanding is rooted in the faith journey of living communities in ministering to  one another, encouraging one another, and bringing a variety of gifts and services together to enrich one another.

Revd Paul’s interests and hobbies iclude music, gardening, Eco-walking, football, cricket and volleyball. His wife, Abida Paul a trained Care Worker, was given an award for her compassionate services to people suffering from Dementia by the The Elmns, Crossreach in 2016.  The couple have two sons, Job Kegan Paul in S3 and younger son, Kevin Paul Job in S1, both studying at Lockerbie Academy. The boys enjoy music, football, cricket and basketball.