Newsletter - Green Craft Please send pictures of your Garden to Vicki before the end of this month as we need to publish our Newsletter - Green Craft in the first week of September.


Dates for the Diary:

Paul and the family are back from Kerala now. They have been away for a month and, despite the rain (in monsoon season) and delayed luggage, they had a safe journey and a well-earned rest.

Help for Ukraine- I am aware that many members will already have responded to the various appeals that have been recently launched to help those affected by the disastrous war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, it is felt that as a Church we need to show our concern and pain in some way. As always donations will be gratefully received at any time from those who were unable to attend on 5 June.

Please let the Rector know of anyone who is ill, at home or in hospital, so that a pastoral phone call can be arranged.

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